House Committee Defeats "Sexual Orientation" Bill

Special Report - April 30, 2003

By one vote, the House State Government committee, today defeated H924—STATE GOVERNMENT EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY LAW, a bill that proposes to add “sexual orientation” to the classifications protected by the State’s Equal Employment Opportunity Law. The North Carolina Family Policy Council opposed the bill and raised several concerns including these: (1) because “sexual orientation” is an undefined term, H924 could provide special legal protections to individuals based on their participation in sodomy, bisexuality, pedophilia and even bestiality—all of which are criminal offenses under North Carolina law; (2) the underlying intent of the bill is not to protect individuals from discrimination in employment, but to gain legal recognition and legitimacy for alternative sexual lifestyles; and (3) such a law would put the State at risk of constant attack by homosexual activists, because if a job applicant disclosed in an interview that they practiced an alternative sexual lifestyle and then challenged the State because he or she was not hired for a job, the State would be put in the position of having to prove why another applicant was better qualified and why the homosexual applicant was not discriminated against.

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